Focus on the Customer

Unified Logging® allows companies to focus on building solutions that address customer needs by leveraging Logging as a Service (LaaS) that does the heavy lifting for logging and data collection to provide application insight. Send data to Unified Logging's globally distributed data centers using pre-built connectors for different languages and environments and get to market faster with what your customers want.

With the rapid change in landscape of software and hardware environments correlating data from many different sources becomes difficult. In a heterogeneous environment it is critical to have a Unified View from all data sources to provide exceptional customer support in a timely manner. Unified Logging's geolocated data collection points and analysis tools provide a simple, consolidated view of your environment.

Get ahead of your customers and proactively communicate with them to gain confidence that your company is committed to quality. Whether you are scaling in the cloud, on the go with mobile solutions or have on-premise servers Unified Logging enables you to deliver with support in mind.

Data Collection

Collect logging information by simply sending it to our highly available global aware REST service. Each message can be up to 48 KB in size and our connectors will handle this for you. We provide many connectors so there is little to no investment to get up and running. If we do not currently have a connector that fits your needs, let us know and we will work towards creating it.

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Choose who configures notifications

Unified Logging uses Smart Notifications to give control to application support engineers. Application support engineers can configure notifications instead of software development engineers setting notifications via code or configuration file.

Define notification triggers and how data should be sliced

Our solution allows you to configure highly customizable and advanced match notifications. Choose how you want your data sliced by creating data indexes that are defined by regular expressions.

Different Index Types

  • Notification Indexes - Matches on word, pattern or phase and sends a notification when matched. Notification indexes are NOT shown in the Message grid. Processed based on priority order; highest matching priority index is used to trigger notification.
  • Data Indexes - Matches on key/value pairs (usually in the format {key}:{format}) where the key is defined and the value is captured and shown in the Message grid. These indexes can be grouped, sorted and filtered on the Messages page.
  • Custom - Custom indexes can be Data or Notification indexes based on a regular expression.

* Indexes with a notification will not show in the messages grid.

Unified Logging Setup

Choose when you are notified with Smart Notifications

There are two conditions that will cover the majority of cases.

  • Overflow- Notify once if a match happens multiple times in a set time frame (prevents spamming application support)
  • Multiple Match- Notify if a match occurs multiple times in a set time frame (especially usefully for daily processing jobs that should only run once)

Get the Whole Story

Unified Logging gives you a complete picture with access to data collected from all sources in one place. Use the data analysis tools to gain insight into what caused an error.

Once notified, you can review the specifics of the message that triggered the notification. Then, group and sort data by data indexes to correlate data. For example, you may find that an error was caused by a warning that occurred on a different application or server.

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Learn More About Indexes, Trends and Messages.

Features & Pricing

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Scaling In The Cloud

Cloud Version


Remove the sending limit of the FREE account and pay for only what you use. Monthly pricing is simple, $1 per 100,000 messages.

Whether you are using Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud or another infrastructure, Unified Logging has you covered.

Features & Pricing

FREE Version


Get started for FREE! Send up to 5,000 messages a month with a fully featured free account.

Get notified and analyze application information when it occurs.

The FREE version is a great place to start for any application with a global network of data collection points.

Features & Pricing


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