Getting Started with Unified Logging

So simple you will wonder why you were not using Unified Logging sooner.

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Step 4: Support your application and have happy customers.

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Current Connectors

  • Windows Phone: Included in the .NET download
  • iOS: Download the demo app and see how it works!
  • Android: Download the demo app and see how it works!
  • Php: A simple php file which hooks in for error handling
  • WordPress Plugin: Install, fill in your info and Get Collecting!
  • NuGet Packages: Easily add UL to your .NET projects and stay up to date
  • .NET Trace Listener: Can be used with anything that can use a tracelistener like EntLib or basic .NET tracing
  • .NET Data Submit Request: Easily send any data with this class.
  • Compiled .NET Assembly: with this assembly you can register the ULLister and start using it without any code changes.
  • Windows Event Log Monitor: Have a server? Install this, enter your account information, select event logs and event levels and start submiting data
  • Log4j: Source and a ready to use jar
  • jQuery Plugin: Easy to use client side logging
  • Custom: Create your own connector to meet your needs!

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