Logging as a Service (LaaS) with Our Global Network!

Bringing Easy to Application Support

Bringing Easy to Application Support

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Focus on Customer Needs and Get to Market Fast!

Develop Applications not Logging

Logging as a Service is Flexible

  • Connectors get you sending information quickly
  • Ability to modify provided connectors to fit your needs

Logging as a Service is Powerful

  • Leverage our data centers in the US, Europe
  • Start collecting logging data from all your applications quickly
  • Monitor your cloud applications and highly connected applications

Logging as a Service is Easy

  • Use system monitor with no code changes and send information
  • Application support configures notifications, so you can focus on developing

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Know About Problems before Your Customers with Unified Logging

Get the Whole Story

  • Get notified immediately if there is a problem with any app or device, including mobile
  • Powerful analytic tools allow your team to quickly solve problems
  • Gain insight to improve reliability across your infrastructure

LaaS is a Cost Effective Solution

  • Pay for only what you use
  • Efficiently support applications and infrastructure
  • Effective Use of Your Resources
  • Flexible to Growing and Changing Needs
  • Little to No Investment to Get Up and Running

Support All Internet Connected Elements

  • Web Applications
  • Web Services
  • Internet Connected Client Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Servers
  • Even Desktops

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The Easy Way to Support Your Applications

Collect Logging Data, Get Notified and Analyze - For Mobile, Cloud and the Enterprise

The Simple, Cloud Based Solution

  • Begin Collecting Logging Data in Minutes
  • Designed for Application Support & Developers
  • Secure, Highly Available Geolocated Submission Points for Collecting Logging Data
  • No Hardware Costs to Get Up and Running
  • Free Support
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Connect Your Devices and Applications

  • .Net
  • Windows Event Log Monitoring
  • iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Azure, EC2 and other Cloud Technologies
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • Many more Connectors Coming Soon

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"In such a connected world our information has never been so disconnected"

John Luif

Unified Logging Gives Application Support Control & Power

App Support

Smart Notifications

  • You choose when you are notified
  • Set notifications using regular expression matches
  • Ability to limit number of notifications you receive, no more fire hose notifications

Powerful Data Analysis

  • Indexes for looking at data are defined by regular expressions
  • Filter and group data by any index
  • Create highly complex matches

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As Seen On Channel 9!

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Get Collecting


Whether you are using Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud or another infrastructure, Unified Logging has you covered.

Get notified and analyze application information when it occurs.

Open an account and get collecting.

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.NET Client Library

Windows Event Log Monitor